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Norwegian history isn't really completely covered on the internet XD But as a Norwegian, I feel like all the hours of classes in history finally pay off~! I can't believe Sweden was so butthurt they decided to invade us over it back in the day. Never let anyone tell you the Sweden GAVE us our constitution. We have too much pride to ever accept that haha Norwegians are pretty stubborn ><

((lol well Im glad I got a source on this. Norway being pissed at Sweden was something I im glad I was right XD. Thanks for telling me. I would have felt like a idiot if I was wrong))

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Actually that anon is wrong. Hello, Norwegian popping up. Norway got themselves a constitution, Sweden attacked them after they left Denmark to avoid being given away, and there was a short war which ended with Norway having more freedom in the union with Sweden than before. Despite them having a constitution, Sweden did not back down and lives were lost in the short war. Norwegians HATED Swedes after that, so you were right the first time. Norwegians even refused food from Sweden after the war

((oh cool :) Glad to know I got that right actually. Im american, so my info on countries comes from the internet >.> *coughcoughwikipediacough*))

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Actually, Denmark had to give Norway to Sweden and Sweden gave Norway the Norwegian Constitution in 1814, but Norway didn't become an independent nation until 1905.

((Oh I see. Sorry I was just going by memory from what I rembered from the wikipedia about Norway. Sorry for the half assed answer XD. I was close though))